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Guidelines for Becoming a Team Member

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Team members are expected to, but are under no pressure or obligation to:

Post beautiful pictures of any or all aspects of Guyana, South America with caption or short synopsis.

Feed the team leader with information about things happening in their area which can make a news stories or which people may be interested in knowing.

Do paid advertisement for businesses and keep all the money if the opportunity arises.

What team members cannot do:

Post their personal political opinions except in the form of a letter to the editor.

Post pornographic content etc.

Post false or misleading information.

The Guyana, South America publication is committed to be politically neutral and write the truth regardless of who is offended. If the team leader makes any political post, it does not automatically implicate any of the team members as team members are simply contributors. It is unlikely that the Guyana, South America publication will come under persecution from the government. However, if that happens, the team leader, and not any team member, will be responsible to handle the case. Team members are anonymous to the public unless they make themselves known by posting their names, voices, or photos etc. Team members can remove themselves from the team at anytime.

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