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Snake Bites Toshao of Nappi Village, Rupununi

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First Published: 20th of February, 2021

Last updated: October 24, 2022 at 23:38 pm

It is said that the Amerindians are the custodians of the forests and the masters of the wild, but nature sometimes gets the best of its keepers. Here is one example. The toshao of Nappi Village in Central Rupununi has been bitten by a rattle snake.

Toshao Guy Fredricks posted today, 20th of February, 2021, on his Facebook Page:

I d original kanaima survived a snake bite. A 2 ft rattler punched me in my tender toe injecting nero toxic venom into my system to sign me off the face of this planet. I thank the medical staff of the Lethem Hospital for taking special care of me for the few days I was there. Their kind words, Nicholas Duncan’s assurance of my speedy recovery and the cooks that brought food to my bed. Thanks to uncle Harry of Nappi for releasing the snakebite blow (tereng) on the day of my arrival. I survived and myself and team heading into the rainforest to cut a trail linking Nappi to Salipenta Landing on the Rupununi River..that’s my lil story.

Team Guyana, South America wishes Mr. Fredericks a speedy recovery.

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