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Video: Miners Have Fun with Pet Tapir

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Published: 12th of March, 2023 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: May 7, 2023 at 0:45 am

The South American tapir, also called Bush Cow, is native to Guyana and several other South American countries. The South American tapir can be friendly, but it is known to attack humans, especially children, not for food, but perhaps out of anxiety.

A group of miners in Guyana’s interiors has befriended a bush cow and turned it into their pet. They named the tapir “Rhino.”

This video, republished with permission from Mr. Neil Brock, who is one of the group of miners, shows them fondly feeding the pet tapir with sweets.

Learn more about the South American Tapir or Read a Heartwarming Story of Berlinda and Her Pet Tapir.

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