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Waterfalls Across Guyana (Redirected)

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There are more than 276 waterfalls across the country of Guyana, so this list by no means covers all of them. However, I’ll be updating this page from time to time with new waterfalls across Guyana, so be sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Baracara Falls, Also Called White Water Falls, in Region 7

Baracara Falls, also called Whitewater Falls, is located in the Mazaruni River in Region 7 of Guyana, South America. The small, unique, and refreshing waterfall cascades down a series of steps and slopes and attracts scores of visitors every week who want to bathe under its flowing white water. Read More

Sakaika Falls – Region 7

Sakaika falls, at the time of this article, is a relatively undiscovered and unexplored waterfall hidden deep in the jungles of Guyana in Region 7. The falls can be reached by traveling about 15 miles from the airstrip in Region 7. Motorcycle or ATV would be the preferred choice of vehicle to reach Sakaika Falls because of the rough terrain. Read More

The Kaieteur Falls

The Kaieteur Falls is one of the world’s most powerful waterfalls. It is renowned as being the the world’s “widest” one-drop waterfall. The Kaieteur Falls is a one-drop waterfall with a height of 741 feet from the top to the first break. It flows over a series of steep cascades that, when included in the measurement, brings the height of the falls up to 822 feet. Read More…

The Kumu Falls – Central Rupununi – Region 9

The Kumu Falls is a small but splendid waterfall located in Kumu Village, Central Rupununi Savannhas, Guyana, South America. The magnificent tree-shaded waterfall descends from the mountaintops of the majestic Kanuku Mountains and flows down a gradient of about 3 miles into the Kumu River. Read More…

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