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Visit Samtronix Lethem in Region 9 for All Your Cell Phone, Computer, and Smart TV Needs

The world famous Samtronix Francise is now open in Lethem, Region 9, Guyana, South America to serve the people of Region 9 and neighboring Brazil. Visit us today and see why Samtronix is your first choice for all your cell phone, computer, and smart TV needs. We also stock PlayStation and many other computer games.

Guyana’s First Ever Farine Bakery Was Opened in the Rupununi in December, 2022

In December, 2022, a group of Guyana’s indigenous population of the Rupununi took cassava farine to a new level by launching Guyana’s first ever farine bakery. This is truly a landmark achievement and an evolutionary process. This publication contacted the bakery for more details on their operations. The following writeup was furnished by the management of the North Rupununi Farine Bakery in Masara Village – the first ever such in the country of Guyana.