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Opinion: Guyana Needs to Support US Action in Venezuela

As the United States increases pressure on Maduro to step down from government, the world becomes more and more critical of US Sanctions and the role it is playing in Venezuela. In fact, a recent Washington based report suggests that US Sanctions are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Venezuelans. But while no one is a fan of US Sanctions or the use of force in effecting regime change, the reality hits home that Guyana needs to support US action in Venezuela.

No Laughing Matter

I was extremely disappointed to hear our president referring to sugar as a “curse.” The same sugar that put food on the table for so many Guyanese families for centuries. The same sugar which enriched and sweetened the lives of so many people. The same sugar that laid the foundation for so many other industries, and created so many millionaires out of all races, classes, and conditions.

I Support the Parking Meters – Georgetown

I support the Parking Meters Project in the capital city of Guyana, and here’s why. I remember a time when I used to drive through Regent Street, Charlotte Street, Camp Street, Waterloo Street, Middle Street, South Road, Quamina Street, Brickdam Street, Hadfield Street…and the list goes on…for hours trying to find parking space, and when I finally found it, it would be in a compromised position a good distance away form my intended destination.