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The Biodiversity of the Mahaica River – Photos

November 1, 2022 guyanagy 0

We went on a super trip this morning up the Mahaica River. In December, the UN Biodiversity Summit will happen in Montreal. Guyana has a load to show off… this amazing biodiversity is just one hour from our home in Georgetown.

Quarrie Village, Region 9, Central Rupununi – Photos

October 27, 2022 guyanagy 0

It’s an approximate 30mins drive by car from Lethem. The new Guest House is quite impressive as well and is up and running with 2 rooms available with a capacity of 4 persons person room. The cost for locals is only $5500 a night! Where can you get a better deal??? There’s water, electricity and INTERNET 24/7!

Spinning of Steelwool on Diwali Evening – Photos

October 27, 2022 guyanagy 0

Diwali is the festival of light, and on Diwali evening, diyas are lit and placed on lawns, verandahs, walkways etc. But Guyanese also use a different method to create a luminous effect, and that is the spinning of steelwool. Steelwool is the name given to a product that is used to clean pots. On Diwali night, the steelwool is set on fire and spun rapidly to give off sparks – usually using a thin metal wire called bird wire.

Lighting Diyas in Guyana 2022 – Photos

October 26, 2022 guyanagy 0

Lighting Diyas is one of the practices of the five-day long Diwali Festival in Guyana – which also includes motorcades and other religious activities. The day on which the lighting of diyas take place is given as a national holiday in Guyana. The exact date on which diyas are lit depends on the sighting of the moon and varies slightly from year to year. This year, 2022, the day of lighting diyas is October, 24th.