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Visit Samtronix Lethem in Region 9 for All Your Cell Phone, Computer, and Smart TV Needs

The world famous Samtronix Francise is now open in Lethem, Region 9, Guyana, South America to serve the people of Region 9 and neighboring Brazil. Visit us today and see why Samtronix is your first choice for all your cell phone, computer, and smart TV needs. We also stock PlayStation and many other computer games.

Brazil-Guyana Trucking Services

We offer superior and reliable trucking services between Brazil and the capital city of Georgetown, Guyana, as well as other regions of Guyana. Do you have equipment or products to transport from Brazil to Guyana or from Guyana to Brazil? We’re ready to take the load off your shoulder! Our superior heavy duty trucks can handle almost ANY weight you throw on it.

Cyborg Protection Services

Cyborg Protection Services is a Guyana based security company with its head office in the capital city of Georgetown, Region 4, Guyana, South America. Founded in 2021, Cyborg provides industry standard security services with its crosshairs and target market aimed at foreign nationals and companies that have business or which are looking to set up business in Guyana.

Digi Biz Marketing Agency

Digi Biz Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping brick and mortar businesses transition to an online presence. Founder and CEO, Canadian based Guyanese Sheriza Mohamed, told this publication that she conceptualized the idea to leverage her decades of experience in internet marketing systems to help Guyanese businesses and individuals meet the ever-growing demand of selling online.

Padma’s Creole Cuisine at Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara

Padma’s Creole Cuisine is located on the ground floor of Time Square Mall in Golden Grove Village on the East Bank of Demerara. The restaurant serves authentic Guyanese cuisine including roti, dhall puri, dhall, rice, curry mutton, curry duck, curry fish, curry beef, curry chicken, fried rice, barbeque, bake chicken, chowmein, and much more. It also has snacks such as eggball.

Cindy’s Herbal Supplies

Cindy’s Herbal Supplies stocks a wide range of herbal products ready to be delivered to your home or business in both wholesale and retail quantities. From treating the common cold to arthritis, these herbal products incorporate the knowledge of the healing power of nature’s products passed down through centuries upon centuries of oral and written tradition.

Guyana’s First Ever Farine Bakery Was Opened in the Rupununi in December, 2022

In December, 2022, a group of Guyana’s indigenous population of the Rupununi took cassava farine to a new level by launching Guyana’s first ever farine bakery. This is truly a landmark achievement and an evolutionary process. This publication contacted the bakery for more details on their operations. The following writeup was furnished by the management of the North Rupununi Farine Bakery in Masara Village – the first ever such in the country of Guyana.

The Digicel Mobile Phone Services

The Digicel Mobile Communications Services is one of the two main mobile phone services presently operating in Guyana. Although Digicel is not a Guyanese company, it has recently expanded its operations into Guyana. Digicel offers mobile phones and communications services to customers in Guyana, rivaling the services offered by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.