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Butter is Better! Get 100% Authentic, Natural, Butter!

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Did you know…that margarine is a blend of vegetable oils, but butter is made from milk?

Today, more people use the butter substitute, margarine, than real, authentic butter. While the debate on whether butter or margarine is healthier is a bit complicated, promoter and reseller of 100% natural butter in Guyana, Jennifer Bucolo, believes that butter is better!

Jennifer believes that nature knows best. And she preaches that returning to nature can make humans healthier and happier. That’s why she says that butter is better!

Butter tastes better! Did you know that margarine was invented in the early 1920s as a substitute for people who couldn’t afford real butter? Now, you can get real butter at a price that rivals the price of margarine. Yes, the real deal! 100% butter with the real buttery taste!

Jennifer delivers 100% authentic butter manufactured right here in Guyana to anywhere in Guyana, in wholesale or retail quantities!

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Order real butter today whether for business or personal use! Simply fill up the form below and Jennifer will get back to you within 24 hours!

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