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Opinion: CCJ Likely to Rule in the Favor of the PPP/C on No-Confident Motion Appeal

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Published: 10th of May, 2019

Last updated: October 24, 2022 at 23:33 pm

As the case of the Guyana Government Versus the Opposition PPP/C unfolds, there are strong indicators that the Caribbean Court of Justice will rule in favor of the Opposition and declare that the No-Confident Motion was validly passed.

“If the majority of the court of appeal is right, do I understand that you need 34 votes to send the government home, but you only need 33 to govern?”

Justice Jacob Wit. – Caribbean Court of Justice

One of the judges also explained that an absolute majority is a majority of all members of parliament who would be eligible to vote…and that would be 33 out of 65.

Further, one of the Government’s lawyers argued that Mr. Charandass Persaud breached the constituation in defecting. However, the argument was criticised as being “far flung.” The CCJ judge positioned that if that were the case, then the whole idea of a vote would be nothing more than a “charade.”

Disclaimer: This article expresses the opinion of the author at the time of writing only. The author of this article is not affiliated with any political party.

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