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Peaceful Resolution of Guyana’s Border Dispute Likely

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Published: 30th of December, 2018

Peaceful Resolution of Guyana’s Border Dispute Likely As Russia Holds Up White Flag to the United States.

After a tense and grueling year of showcasing the Russian military’s power and prowess, President Putin extended an invitation to US President Donald Trump for peace talks.

On December 30, 3018, CNN reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a message that Russia is open to dialogue with the United States “on the widest possible agenda.”

The Russian president correctly stated that “Russian-American relations are an essential factor in ensuring strategic stability and international security.”

Meanwhile, Kaieteur News Guyana reported on Sunday, December 30, 2018 that Venezuelan President Maduro has given his Navy command to protect “its waters,” which includes the disputed oil rich regions.

Note: The Kaieteur News article stated that Venezuela earlier this month “collected” two nuclear capable bombers from Venezuela. However, it is important to mention that the jets only visited for 5 days and left the following Friday for Russia. No one knows however what amount of military equipment was dropped off in Venezuela during this trip, or what was discussed between Putin and Maduro.

Since the oil giant EXXON Mobil is a United States company, and the United States, Britain, Brazil and much of the Caribbean stands in solitary with Guyana on the border dispute, it would be impossible for Venezuela to attack Guyana without risking heavy retaliation from western powers.

At the same time, the United States would find it extremely difficult to intervene in military conflict between Guyana and Venezuela if Russia is backing Venezuela.

Thanks to Putin’s holiday message, the resolution of the border controversy is within reach, but it depends largely on Mr. Trump’s tact and negotiation skills while “talking” with Russia.


December 30, 2018. CNN Reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is open to dialogue with the United States “in holiday message.” Read Story.

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