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Guyana Maps Form in Clouds Over Guyana

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Published: 6th of October, 2022 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: November 1, 2023 at 12:54 pm

Clouds floating in the skies form all sorts of bizarre shapes including animals and even maps. If you look carefully and use your imagination, you can see just about any shape in the clouds above. But such a clear-cut, precise, and indisputable shape of the map of Guyana forming over the skies over Guyana can be interpreted as a miracle. It can be interpreted as an omen – good or bad, or it could be interpreted as a message from God. That is because the likeliness of such an event is so infinitesimally small that the human mind has a hard time believing it happened just by chance.

And what’s more amazing is that these events happened at a time when neighboring Venezuela was challenging Guyana’s territorial integrity and drawing distorted maps of Guyana as a means of threats and mockery. Venezuela has claimed more than two-thirds of Guyana’s territory in the county of Essequibo, and the matter is presently being challenged in the World Court. Venezuela was quiet about the territorial dispute for many decades until 2015 – when Exxon Mobil announced the life-changing discoveries of tremendous amounts of sweet light crude off the shores Guyana – some of it being in the disputed territory.

Maybe those who are drawing those maps in Venezuela should take a look at these maps which appeared in the clouds over Guyana – perhaps drawn by the hand of God Himself. Could these cloud maps are a message from God to the Venezuelan people to respect Guyana’s territorial integrity?

Between the years 2015 to 2023, the Guyana map formed in the clouds over Guyana about ten times and was photographed by citizens.

This photo was captured by Guyanese citizen Quincy De Abreu in October 2015
Guyana map photographed in skies over Guyana in December 2015 by citizen George Tulsieram
This photo was taken by Guyanese citizen, Rose Harrinandan on August 24th, 2022 at around 3 PM.

The rays of light emanating from the top of the map give the impression of rays of hope and blessings from God.

This photo of the Guyana map in the clouds was taken by Guyanese citizen Sunil Persaud on the 10th of June, 2020 in Region 4.
The clouds formed a Guyana map over the border with Guyana and Venezuela on the 23rd of November, 2022. Photo: Devon Strong
The clouds formed a Guyana map over Annai in Region 9 around November 2022.
Photo: Jacqueline Thomas
This photo showing a map of Guyana in the clouds was sent in by GSA fan Jacqueline Thomas in October, 2023.
This photo showing a map of Guyana in the clouds was sent in by GSA fan Jacqueline Thomas in October, 2023.
The clouds formed a Guyana map over Belle West, Canal No. 2, West Bank Demerara in Ocotober 2022.
Photo: Julie Bharrat
The clouds formed a Guyana map over Aishalton Village, Region 9 on the 14th of August, 2023 at around 5 PM. Photo: Alex Antonio Martins

Team Guyana, South America interprets this event to be a positive sign from God – that He is watching over Guyana, and that He will protect, lift up and glorify Guyana.

Editor’s Note: We’re translating the text of this article to Spanish, and we’d like to every Guyanese to share this article until it reaches the eyes of every Venezuelan.

Mapas de Guyana se forman en las nubes sobre Guyana

Las nubes que flotan en los cielos forman todo tipo de formas extrañas, incluidos animales e incluso mapas. Si miras detenidamente y usas tu imaginación, puedes ver casi cualquier forma en las nubes de arriba. Pero una forma tan clara, precisa e indiscutible del mapa de Guyana que se forma sobre los cielos de Guyana puede interpretarse como un milagro. Puede interpretarse como un presagio, bueno o malo, o podría interpretarse como un mensaje de Dios. Esto se debe a que la probabilidad de tal evento es tan infinitesimalmente pequeña que a la mente humana le cuesta creer que sucedió por casualidad.

Y lo que es más sorprendente es que estos hechos ocurrieron en un momento en que la vecina Venezuela desafiaba la integridad territorial de Guyana y dibujaba mapas distorsionados de Guyana como medio de amenazas y burlas. Venezuela ha reclamado alrededor de 2/3 del territorio de Guyana, llamado Esequibo, y el asunto se está impugnando actualmente en la Corte Internacional. Venezuela guardó silencio sobre la disputa territorial durante muchas décadas hasta 2015, cuando Exxon Mobil anunció enormes cantidades de crudo ligero dulce frente a las costas de Guyana, parte del cual se encontraba en el territorio en disputa.

Tal vez los que están dibujando esos mapas en Venezuela deberían echar un vistazo a estos mapas que aparecieron en las nubes sobre Guyana, tal vez dibujados por la mano del mismo Dios. Quizás estos mapas de nubes sean un mensaje de Dios al pueblo venezolano para que respete la integridad territorial de Guyana.

Los rayos de luz que emanan de la parte superior del mapa dan la impresión de rayos de esperanza y bendiciones de Dios.

Entre los años 2015 y 2021, el mapa de Guyana se formó en las nubes sobre Guyana al menos cuatro veces y fue fotografiado por ciudadanos.

El equipo de Guyana, América del Sur, interpreta este evento como una señal positiva de Dios: que Él está cuidando a Guyana y que protegerá, levantará y glorificará a Guyana.

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Claudette Maxwell
November 27, 2023 12:15 pm

Blessed love to my brother’s and sisters I’m happy that our God is still alive and well. Also he is nothing sleeping his eyes is the Eagles eyes so he watches over all his people especially the ones who he sees don’t really have no backetives to hell them out in their struggling time then he will put out his right hand to drawing that line between the enemies. Yes he will stop them in their tracks because there is no way in hell can Venezuela have anything to do on that land they’re just plain greedy 😳 and God… Read more »

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