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My Native Pride – a Poem by Lubenia Ambrose

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First Published: 16th of September, 2022

Last updated: August 13, 2023 at 18:35 pm

This beautiful poem was written by an indigenous citizen of Guyana who resides in the Rupununi Savannahs. Lubenia Ambrose, a resident of Culvert City, Lethem, is the proprietor of Greaves Transportation and Tours.

My Native Pride

Roses are red,
Natives are brown,
That's my race,
So don't put it down.

My native pride
I will not hide,
My native race
I will not disgrace.

My native blood
Flows hot and true,
My native people
I will stand by you,

Through thick and thin
Till the day we die,
Our native flag
Always stands high.

I yell this poem
Louder than all the rest,
Cause everyone knows
Natives are the best.
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