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Elections 2020 Flashback: Kicking in the Door – by Dr. Josh Kanhai

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Published: 30th of November, 2022

Last updated: April 19, 2023 at 3:36 am

Stepping back into the Ashmins Building after two years was an emotional rollercoaster. My last interaction with this building was kicking in the very door you see in the picture and being frivolously charged for such. Yes, the door with the handles still missing onto this day.

Those kicks were out of pure love for this country and they were, that night, fueled by the uncertain outcomes of GRE 2020. Fear had stepped in prior to those kicks: fear of loosing our democracy because we couldn’t get an injunction letter nor recount letters to Ms. Chairwoman, fear of loosing the Chairwoman to a health complication, fear of a fake declaration being lawfully accepted in the deep of night. But, action stepped in, as it should, and I started to kick the door and another joined and the rest is history.

We don’t know where we would have been today, but I’m thankful for all the right decisions made during this period and I’m thankful to all the support, prayers, and assistance dealt out not only for me but all others who played their role in keeping our country a #democratic one. I salute you.

Dr. Josh Kanhai is a licensed medical practitioner and politician born and residing in Guyana, South America.
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