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The Baccoo

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First Published: 4th of March, 2018

Last updated: April 28, 2023 at 18:55 pm

Also spelt “bacoo,” “baku,” “bakoo” etc.

Every country has its legends, myths, folklore, and stories of the supernatural. Guyana is no exception. This unique South American country has its fair share of stories of the occult passed down through both writing and oral tradition.

The story of the baccoo is one such. I personally have never seen a baccoo, nor have I seen evidence of it, nor do I want to. But I’ve heard so many stories about this strange demonic creature, all of them resounding with the same theme and description from people far removed in space and time, that I am tempted to believe that there must be some truth to the matter.

Legend has it that the baccoo is a spiritual or demonic creature which grants favors, perhaps financial favors, to its owner in exchange for being taken care of. How does one take care of the baccoo? The owners have to feed it banana and milk everyday for their entire lives. I guess perhaps it’s some deal made between the two parties. It’s sort of like what might be referred to as “making a deal with the devil” in a very literal sense.

What happens if the owners don’t feed the baccoo in time? I’ve heard that it pelts stuff down in the house so the neighbors would hear noises like: bram, bladang….

What if the owners of the Baccoo, after being granted a favor, cannot uphold their end of the bargain? Rumor has it that it kills them!

The baccoo is said to have supernatural powers in knowing things about the future. In fact, a popular Guyanese publication, “The Kaieteur News,” runs a weekly column called, “The Baccoo Speaks.” In this column the writer attempts to predict future events, especially disasters, purportedly by getting information from “the baccoo.”

Read an example of “The Baccoo Speaks Kaieteur News Column.”

Personally, I don’t know much about the baccoo or how it comes about, but I’ve been prompted to write this story down after reading a news article in the Guyana Chronicle about a baccoo terrorizing residents of the village of Mabaruma in the Northwest Region of Guyana. Read the news article here: Mabaruma police assaulted by ‘Baccoo’

So what have you heard about the baccoo? Or what are your experiences with the baccoo? Tell us in the comments section below!

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