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The True Meaning of Emancipation – by Dr. Telford Layne

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First Published: 1st August, 2020 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: August 16, 2023 at 15:43 pm

I’ve come across this really beautiful article from Guyanese author and psychologist, Dr. Telford Layne, and decided to republish it (with permission) because I think it’s a great article with lots of merits and I think all Guyanese should take a good read and let the message it contains sink it – because it applies not just to Afro-Guyanese – but to every one of us.

Emancipation Starts When….by Dr. Telford Layne

Emancipation starts when we worship God in spirit and truth and refuse prosperity gospel or being led by men and women who suffer from mental illness in our churches and places of worship.

Emancipation starts when we teach our children about the importance, relevance, and use of money from age 10 or earlier.

Emancipation starts when parents can loan their children money to start a business.

Emancipation starts when parents give children land & house on their wedding day.

Emancipation starts when you can think for yourself without bias.

Emancipation starts when you are an investor and creator of wealth and not only a consumer.

Emancipation starts when you sacrifice to send your children to the best school you can.

Emancipation starts when you have one woman.

Emancipation starts when you are a present and active father.

Emancipation starts when you support those that support you without promises and hesitation.

Emancipation starts when you are taking responsibility for your happiness, success, failures, and development.

Emancipation starts when you understand what the threats to a quality life is and seek assistance to eliminate it.

Emancipation starts when you can walk naked, drink black tea, and sleep on bedding because you are on a program to build and own an empire.

Emancipation starts when you buy assets rather than liabilities.

Emancipation starts when you are saving or investing part of your income.

Emancipation starts when your brand name clothes and wigs are smaller than your mental health bill.

These are the pillars on which black lives should matter first and foremost. Outside of this, black lives do not matter.

Emancipation starts with you and your own home. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. No one is holding you back except you.

Dr. Telford Layne is a prominent Guyanese psychologist, family man, and author.

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