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Government Outlines Action Plan for Flooded Pirara Area along Lethem-Linden Trail

Flooding of the Rupununi Savannahs and other areas close to the Lethem-Linden trail has seriously hindered travels from Georgetown to Lethem and vice versa. Over the last several days, vehicles were unable to ply the route because of submerged sections of the trail. Local bus companies innovated and circumvented the problem by employing the use of an engine boat to transport passengers across flooded area, loading them on the other side into another bus. The trail has basically been cut in two by the floodwaters at Pirara.

Ramson Says that Mohamed Posted Misleading Information about Infrastructural Development

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Hon. Charles Ramson Jr. of the PPP/C, has responded to a Facebook post made yesterday, 20th of February, 2024 by popular businessman Azzrudin Mohamed, just minutes after that post was made. In the Facebook Post, Mohamed claimed to have lighted up the West-Ruimveldt Play Ground by buying and installing lights. However, Ramson quickly came online to “clarify” that the statement is misleading, and says that it was the Guyana Government which laid the infrastructure and installed most of the lights. He did not deny that Mohamed installed some of the lights on the sports ground.

Citizen Expresses Worry and Concern Over Deplorable State of Charity Waterfront Wharf

I would like to bring your attention the beautiful Charity waterfront and its lovely wharf. Look at the condition of this thing. I’m calling on the Ministry of Public Works. Year come, year go, budget pass for this, budget pass for that, and still this wharf, which is a main point in Essequibo, a main thoroughfare for residents of Pomeroon, Moruca and other locations, is still in a deplorable condition.

Government Builds 620 Turnkey Homes along the East Bank of Demerara – Photos

The Irfaan Ali Administration is blazing the trail of providing adequate and affordable housing for all Guyanese. It’s part of the PPP/C’s one-Guyana dream to see all Guyanese in beautiful homes. Indeed, adequate housing not only enhances the lives and adds to the net worth of residents, but also adds to the beautification of the Guyana. Through subsidies and financing via local banks, the Guyana Government will help Guyanese citizens to acquire these turnkey homes.