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Ramson Says that Mohamed Posted Misleading Information about Infrastructural Development

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21st of February, 2024. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: February 21, 2024 at 14:39 pm

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Hon. Charles Ramson Jr. of the PPP/C, has responded to a Facebook post made yesterday, 20th of February, 2024 by popular businessman Azzrudin Mohamed, just minutes after that post was made. In the Facebook Post, Mohamed claimed to have lighted up the West-Ruimveldt Play Ground by buying and installing lights. However, Ramson quickly came online to “clarify” that the statement is misleading, and says that it was the Guyana Government which laid the infrastructure and installed most of the lights. He did not deny that Mohamed installed some of the lights on the sports ground.

Statement by Charles Ramson Jr.

To clarify – the post below (by Mohamed) gives the misleading impression that the lights at the West Ruimveldt ground were installed by this entity – the fact is that it was the Government of Guyana which installed lights at this very ground since 2022 – concrete posts, underground wiring and LED lighting. In fact, that year the Government installed lighting on over 24 community grounds and last year made investments in hundreds of community grounds throughout Guyana.

While additional lights may have been recently added by this entity at this ground, it is important to clarify for public information that the infrastructural works and lighting system were already installed by the Government of Guyana. For the sake of completeness, the Government also completed at this very ground the construction of concrete bridges, concrete walkways, and an asphaltic tarmac while the fencing was completed in partnership with the Government and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

End Quote

Statement by Team Mohameds

Team Mohamed’s lights-up West Ruimveldt Play Ground

Mr. A. Mohamed, continues to play a critical role in the development of sports throughout Guyana by funding several projects to benefit young people in various communities.

One of his latest projects was to illuminate the West Ruimveldt Play Ground, which will see national footballers from the Western Tigers Football Club and other smaller groups taking full advantage also the community at whole.

Following a request by Mr. Ray Mitchell on behalf of the youths and footballers associated with the Western Tigers, the businessman bought and installed the lights about a week ago.

The ground, which didn’t have adequate lighting, is now fully illuminated and will be used as a training facility leading up to major football leagues organised and executed by the Guyana Football Federation.

Nevertheless, Mr. Mohamed earlier this evening inspected the facility and urged the young footballers and community members to take full advantage of the installed lights.

End Quote

Recently, there have been rumors circulating that Azzrudin Mohamed plans to unseat the current government by contesting the upcoming national elections in 2025. However, these rumors have not been substantiated.

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