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Did Venezuelans Remove and Replace the Guyana Flag Hoisted by President Ali?

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3rd of December, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: December 4, 2023 at 2:59 am

A few weeks ago, President Ali, along with a team consisting of GDF personnel and others, flew via helicopter to the Pakaraima Mountain ranges bordering Venezuela, planted a flag pole, and hoisted the Golden Arrow Head in a show of resistance to Venezuela’s claim of the Essequibo.

As Nicolas Maduro holds his referendum aimed at annexing the Essequibo county and threatens military action if Guyana does not come to the negotiating table, Guyanese citizens are experiencing varying levels of tension and anxiety.

Today, 3rd of December, 2023, in the afternoon, a video began circulating on various social media platforms of Venezuelans lowering the Guyana flag and hoisting the Venezuelan flag on a mountaintop setting with similar layout and background as the one on which President Ali hoisted the Guyana flag.

Many Guyanese became alarmed. Did Venezuelans really infringe on Guyana’s airspace and infiltrate Guyana’s borders under the nose of the state security apparatus and commit this blatant and provocative act? Indeed, the video was cause for concern and alarm to many Guyanese who were left speechless.

This publication examined the video carefully and found that the setting is not consistent with that on which President Ali hoisted the Guyana flag. We further asked our media correspondents in Venezuela to investigate the matter who returned to us information that the said activity took place on the Venezuela side of the border and does not involve the flag hoisted by President Ali.

These lame propaganda and intimation tactics by Venezuelans suggest that Nicolas Maduro’s expensive campaign for the Essequibo may be hitting stormy seas.

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