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The Peacock Bass, Locally Called Lukanani

Photo by Navin Roopnarain

First Published: 18th of November, 2021 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: December 8, 2022 at 18:21 pm

The peacock bass fish is colloquially called Luckanani by the people of Guyana, South America. It belongs to the genus cichia. In Brazil, the peacock bass is called tucanare, and the Spanish refer to it as pavon.

Disambiguation: The peacock bass, genus cichia, is a distinctly different fish from the peacock cichlid.

The peacock bass, or luckanani, is a freshwater fish found mainly in the rivers of Guyana, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. The peacock bass can grow up to 1 meter and weight up to 29 lbs. The peacock bass carries a spot on the tail fin which resembles the eyes on a peacock’s tail feathers.

The flesh of the peacock bass is white and sweet when cooked, and has very little oil. It is similar in taste to snapper, and has a small proportion of bone. The peacock bass is a delicacy in Guyana as well as other countries around the world. It is served in a variety of recipes and cooking styles.

So, what do you know about the peacock bass, commonly called the luckanani by the people of Guyana? Tell us in the comments section below!

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