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High Drama Unfolds as Former APNU/AFC Activist Tells His Ex-Comrades, “Come Take Back Your House!”

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Published: 7th of August, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: August 7, 2023 at 15:54 pm

High Drama in Guyana South America. Former coalition political activist tells his ex-comrades: come take back your bloody house….

Nothing like a good piece of drama to kick off your week at Guyana South America…Former APNU/AFC political activist who walked away and now supports the PPP/C, says he’s tired of the rhetoric from his former comrades.

Here’s what happened. During the 2020 elections stalemate, Kevon Lorrimer’s Linden house was burnt to the ground. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The family man, a father of nine, was in Georgetown at the time. When he returned, his house had been completely devoured by flames. Kevon received some financial help from APNU/AFC sympathizers to rebuild his home which was allegedly burnt to ashes by PPP/C supporters.

However, Kevon now says, upon reflection, he has reasonable suspicion to believe that his house was treacherously burnt down by APNU/AFC elements in a desperate attempt to foment civil strife after having lost the elections.

“I was called in on the 30th of July to Congress Place where they asked me to…they wanted to use me to be the client filing criminal charges against Claudette Singh to block the declaration of the final results. They said that if I blocked the declaration, then it would be another strategy to delay the process of declaring the elections result and swearing in President Irfaan Ali. They made an offer to me that should I file criminal charges against Claudette Singh, they will give the position of Minister of Amerindian Affairs. I refused to do so, and the end result of that was that I was then invited on the 31st of July by a particular APNU official (name supplied) to an Emancipation Day Event at Cuffy Square. When we turned up at the location, my wife and I, (we had dropped our kids at my mother-in-law at Soesdyke) there was no such event. As a matter of fact, this same person was the first person who called me to say that my house was on fire. She also sent me a video on WhatsApp showing that my house was burning. The video showed that there was no other person there except the person doing the videoing. So, it was her who invited me to the event…which didn’t exist, and it was her also who called me first to say that my house was burning, and sent me the video. Also, two APNU/AFC officials (names supplied) created that Zelle and CashApp (posted below), and they were collecting money long before they informed me about it. One guy from the UK indicated to me that he donated $3000 British pounds for the completion of the house which I never received. Added to that, there were persons who sent stuff like barrels and such, which these individuals (names supplied) never turned over to me. As a matter of fact, they tried to hold me at ransom that if I wanted the barrel, I would have to pay $25,000…which was what they allegedly paid to clear it.”

Kevon relates that, after re-joining the PPP/C, he became tired of the APNU/AFC supporters reminding him how they helped him rebuild his home. So guess what…he broke the house down and says to his former APNU/AFC comrades, “come take your house back” as he embarks on building a brand new concrete structure for himself and family. Kevon says that if they do not come in time to collect their stuff, he will give it away to persons in need.

On the 1st of August, 2023, Mr. Lorrimer posted on Facebook, along with some photos of the foundation of his new home in progress:

Today is a new beginning. Whats in the past will remain in the past. PNC+APNU and their gullible supporters will no longer or never again have the opportunity to pronounce on me or my family’s life or future.

On the 5th of August, Mr. Lorrimer posted a video of the house being dismantled and stated:

Dear PNC+APNU I’ve emancipated from what you claimed you donated. Like I said you will never speak on my family or my life again.

Kevon told this publication that the APNU/AFC exaggerated on social media about the amount of help they had given him to build that house.

“I’ve had enough of the coalition and their lies. I supported them because I thought they would have made a difference in the lives of Guyanese. However, their actions only pushed me back to the political party I had previously supported…the PPPC. This is my choice for moving Guyana forward. ” Kevon Lorrimer.

Kevon Lorrimer
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