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Criminal Activities and Violence in the Town of Lethem, Region 9

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Published: 2nd of February, 2020 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: December 9, 2022 at 19:11 pm

I’ve previously published an article giving general, touristic, and business information on the Town of Lethem. Because people are often concerned with their safety when traveling from place to place, they often ask questions about criminal activities and violence in that area. For this reason, I’ve decided to create a non-exhaustive log of criminal activities and violence in Lethem that I’m aware of.

Generally speaking, Lethem is a safe place if you keep in your lane and move with the right company. However, perhaps like anywhere in the world, it does occasionally have its mishaps. Although Lethem is a relatively safe place to walk at nights, there have been occasional disturbances of the peace. These include rapes, robberies, and murders. Learn more about Crime in Lethem.

In July, 2016 a young girl was kidnapped from a night club and brutally gang-raped by four men. The criminals were arrested and transported to the Georgetown lockups.

In early 2016, a young man was killed by a stab wound to the neck allegedly while attempting to rape a young woman near to a night club.

In early 2016 there have been numerous reports of arson and arson attempts in Lethem. Several houses were burnt by a mysterious figure who has never been apprehended.

There has been at least five or six reported gun-point robberies of businesses reported in the year 2015.

Around April 19, 2017, a popular security guard of the GBTI bank in Lethem was killed by robbers while returning from a party late in the night. Raj Persaud, then 31 years old, and his wife were walking home when two bandits pulled up with a motorcycle. They attempted to take the woman’s bag and Raj, being a trained security guard, attempted to defend himself, engaging the bandits in combat. However, speculatively because he was a bit intoxicated, he wasn’t able to deal the upper hand. The criminals stabbed him to the left chest. He was rushed to the Lethem Regional Hospital but died hours later. This incident left the whole of Lethem in a state of shock and sadness as Raj was well loved by all.

As of April, 2017, after several knife point robberies, Lethem has been considered a very dangerous place to walk at nights.

On Sunday morning around 5 am, 7th of October, 2018, a 22 years old man was discovered dead with stab wounds close to the Brazil/Guyana bridge. He had been last seen at Marlon’s Night Club the night before.

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