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My First Trip to the Kumu Falls in Region 9

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First published on the 24th of November, 2014 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: December 23, 2023 at 23:25 pm

Kumu Falls is located in Kumu Village in the Central Rupuuni Savannahs of Guyana –about 15 miles away from the border town of Lethem. The town of Lethem is bordered by the Brazilian municipality of Bonfim to the south and St. Ignatius Village to the East.

I first drove to the Kumu Falls in November 2014 after some friends suggested the idea to me. At that time, I was stationed at the Takutu Hotel in Lethem. I drove a Toyota motor car, but I must admit that it was not such a smart idea during the rainy season. Water-filled depressions in the sandy trail almost captured the car. Ridges and occasional uneven road surfaces threatened to mount and suspend it. Fortunately, I am a very experienced driver so I managed to steer the vehicle safely to its destination.

The vehicles most recommended for the trail to the Kumu Falls during the rainy season would be the likes of the four-wheeled drive van, land cruiser, or “scrambler” type motorcycle.

Upon arrival at the site of the waterfall, there was an entry fee of GY$1000.00 per person charged by Mr. Joseph — the person who cleans and maintains the area near to the falls. Mr. Joseph also sells traditional indigenous foods and beverages and offers top tier tour guide services for an additional cost. For children, the cost is $500.00. However, there is also an unmonitored entry point if you do not want to pay.

The falls gets bigger and more scenic the further up you go.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of the Kumu Waterfall and scenes from along the trail.

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