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Amalia Falls is Located on the Kuribrong River, Region 8

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Published: 9th of May, 2023 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: May 9, 2023 at 20:06 pm

Amaila Falls is located on the Kuribrong River which is a tributary of the Potaro River in Region 8, Guyana, South America. The river drops from the escarpment over Amaila Falls vertically approximately 200 feet (60 m), and continues in a series of rapids and falls for almost two miles before reaching placid water at an elevation of 175 feet. The total drop is about 1,200 feet (365 m). Amalia Falls is approximately 45 m wide with a volume of 64 m3/s. Amalia Falls has formed on the sandstones and conglomerates of Roraima Formation. During the course of the falls, the river changes direction from east to north.

In the lower elevations, the walls of the escarpment are flatter, but these steepen sharply with elevation until the valley walls are nearly vertical at the top.

It is planned to build a power plant with a dam to generate electricity for the national grid and existing large mining operations with future expansion capacity to power major industrial growth projects within Guyana. The project, which has the potential to produce 165 MW, sufficient to provide power to most existing users in the country, was first tabled by the PPP/C government in 2013. However, it was objected to by the then Opposition APNU which took office in 2015 and scrapped the project. Upon resuming office in 2020, the PPP/C says it is putting the Amalia Falls hydropower project back on track.

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