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American Airlines Flight Does Full Circle after Disagreement Between Passenger and Flight Attendant

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19th of July, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: July 19, 2023 at 21:17 pm

A well known “local celebrity” and self-proclaimed member of the LGBTQ community reportedly triggered a flight attendant to turn back American Airlines Flight AA 2557 with all passengers on board. The flight had just left the John F Kennedy International Airport in New York and was headed to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana. The incident reportedly occurred on the evening of Tuesday, 18th of July, 2023. The flight departed JFK at 7:53 PM but did a full circle less than one hour into flying and landed back at JFK around 9: 27 PM.

According to an article by Demerara Waves, Joel Gansham exchanged words with a flight attendant after the flight attendant refused to help him stow away his luggage in the overhead compartment. In the process, he called the flight attendant a “waiter” who retaliated by saying that he has the power to turn back the flight…which he promptly did.

According to Ghansham, he was further aggravated by the attendant’s attitude when he “leaned back” instead of facing him when asking if he wanted water. At that point, he mildly insulted the flight attendant by calling him a “waiter.”

Joel explained in a Facebook Live call with the Guyanese Critic that he had suffered an accident about twenty years ago which might have led to complications resulting in him having to undergo surgery. As a result of the surgery, he was unable to lift his baggage to the overhead compartment and so solicited assistance from the flight attendant who told him that doing so was not part of his duties. The matter further escalated after the said attendant “leaned back” and asked Joel if he wanted some water. During an exchange of words, Joel called the attendant a “waiter” which upset him prompting him to react and have the plane turned back.

“There was not a disruption. I never got up. There was not an argument, there was not a confrontation, nobody touched each other. He was wearing a mask. He wasn’t even loud. It was just his pride.”

Joel Ghansham speaking to Demerara Waves

The incident put all the passengers on the plane in great inconvenience as they now have to reschedule the flight.

Joel Ghansham is a well known local celebrity whose voice is regularly heard on radio and on various commercials. He has worked extensively in television and radio shows in Guyana as well as internationally.

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