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In Jaw-Dropping Video, Young Girl Absolves Nigel Dharmalall of ALL Blame

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20th of July, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: July 20, 2023 at 16:23 pm

Former Government Minister, Nigel Dharamlall, has recently been embroiled in a damning scandal involving accusation of sexual grooming and rape of a young girl of indigenous descent. Various media houses, some neutral, and some obviously with a political or personal bias, spun story after story which only left the whole matter shrouded in deeper mystery with each passing day.

Finally, however, the charges against Dharamlall were dropped after the police said that the girl gave a “no further action” statement. Dharamlall nevertheless chose to resign from his post as Minister of Local Government and Regional Development.

Essentially what happened is that a letter alleging rape and sexual grooming went viral on social media a few weeks ago. It is not clear which Facebook account first published the letter, but it was not that of Anasie Fredericks, the alleged victim. Anasie subsequently took to her personal Facebook page to state that she did not write the letter. Her statement was largely ignored and she was interviewed by the Child Care and Protection Services which subsequently engaged the police and initiated the arrest of Nigel Dharamlall. Dharamlall was released on bail. He resigned from his Ministerial post to “facilitate a thorough investigation into the allegations.”

The young girl was kept in close watch by the authorities and reportedly interrogated intensively. It was subsequently announced that she gave a “no further action” statement which was sent to the DPP which later advised that the case be dismissed.

Despite the fact that the charges were dropped and the Minister had resigned, opposition political elements continued to pursue the matter, staging protests and calling for the persecution of the Minister. This forced the young girl to come on video to categorically state that the accusations against Nigel Dharamlall are false and politically motivated.

In spite of this crystal clear video statement, Nigel’s detractors still cling to idea that the young girl was raped, and claims that she was paid huge sums of money to make the video posted below.

The video below was shared by the young girl in question with the Guyanese Critic who first posted it on his social media page.

Video Credit: Guyanese Critic

Transcript from Video

Quick Intro…I am Anasie Fredericks, and now that I am here with my face attached to this entire conflict, I wish to say that this is my resolution, and I will not reiterate further or speak of this again in the future. I hope this brings clarity to those of you that are dissatisfied and continue to question my integrity.

Here in my hands I have a detailed account of what I will be addressing today. Firstly, I would like to say that, at no point, would anyone, all inclusive, agree to release such an explicit letter about themselves into the public domain. I know how Guyanese are, and I did not come on here to be disrespectful, but these are things that don’t sit right with me, and I had to say something about it.

This letter was not written by me. If your wise analysis has led you to many conclusions, what happened to this major detail? I stand firmly by the two statements I made immediately after the letter started circulating on the internet. The first statement was given to the police where I clearly stated that I had nothing to do with the letter circulating in the public domain. The second statement was written by me and posted on my personal Facebook page where I distanced myself from the letter. This was never examined from all perspectives but the public picked it up and ran with it regardless. I have since issued a third statement which was sent to several media houses and media personalities.

Unfortunately, the other media houses did not publish my third statement, but were quick to publish about the social media letter written by a Fake Account. This is very obvious to me that they are more focused on untruths to scandalize people. Yes, Kaieteur News Frontpage, a letter with no signature, but the one with the signature was completely ignored. Since this most recent statement by myself has not been met with public acceptance, I am saying this for the final time. With my face now shown for all interested people to see, that I categorically state that there was NO SEX and the gory details of the alleged events DID NOT OCCUR. These allegations have caused me and my family great emotional harm and tremendous embarrassment.

Unfortunately, for the curious, I will not justify my words…because I can say one thing…it was justified to those who needed a justification, and in my opinion, that is enough. All I would say is this entire situation was forced upon me by people whom I have never met or people that know me personally enough to act in my best interested. It was never my desire to include my family in any discussion related to this topic, but it is a matter of exploitation by devious people, especially to me. It was an obvious plot set up to destroy the character of the Minister. I expected it to be calm after he resigned. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Also, I was made aware of comments made by a local Amerindian Organization, APA, which stated that I wished to be emancipated from my parents. I am very disappointed in this organization for making such claims. This is totally ridiculous, untrue, and I really expected better. As I said before, APA, or anyone else, has no authority to speak on my behalf. And for their knowledge, my parents are the closest people to me.

Also, I would like to urge the opposition to stop speaking of indigenous people because every day this sector of the population is affected, and these people are quiet 98% of the times. I feel bullied by those people on Facebook. As I mentioned in my statement before, I have no issue with the Minister. Since I have been in the safety of my parents, I did some research into the Shanaz Hussain profile and found that it may be a Fake Account created solely to damage the image of Mr. Dharamlall. I would like to apologize to Mr. Dharamlall.

Thank You.

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Roxanne Blair
Roxanne Blair
July 29, 2023 2:40 pm

It’s politically motivated. Find the individuals and deal with them as per Sharia law. These nonsense has to cease in a positively growing Guyana by a government that cares.What happened to the 18;million sign In bonus.

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