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Former Top Student Sarah Hakh Levels Rape Accusations Against Former Government Minister, Nigel Dharamlall

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11th of May, 2024. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: May 11, 2024 at 22:38 pm

Former CXC top student, Sarah Hakh, who had topped the Caribbean in the CXC exams in 2012, filed an official police report on the 9th of May, 2024 leveling damning accusations against former PPP/C government minister, Nigel Dharamlall. According to Hakh, the offenses were committed on two separate occasions while she worked with the Guyana Government in 2020 and 2021 under Dharamlall’s Ministry. The young woman related during a virtual Press Conference on May 10th, 2024 that she also filed cyberbully charges against Dharamlall.

My top comes off with him trying to see my breasts and as I am sitting on the bed trying to put clothes on, he takes them off and we go back and forth. He finally starts to grind up against me expecting our genitals to touch. I told him to stop and put his penis away. He says he needs to get something from me first. He starts to take my pants off and my underwear but I insist on leaving my pants halfway on one leg because I did not want to spread eagle to this man. I couldn’t believe this is happening and I stare at the ceiling and look at a clock to the left of me. My dignity and sanity went out the window and I was crushed.”

Sarah Hakh – 10th of May, 2024

Hakh explains that she was at first hesitant and fearful of making a police report and approaching the media due to fears of victimization and being discredited if the matter were covered up or swept under the carpet. She also relates that after summing up the courage to approach the media in 2022 and 2023, the traditional media houses refused to carry her story. As a result, the young woman resorted to less traditional and more controversial social media outlets to carry her story such as Melly Mel, a sort social media tabloid with a mostly anti-government support base. Despite writing and circulating a long, descriptive, and compelling account of the alleged incidents, the story, published by Melly Mel in 2023, did not gain enough traction to hit mainstream media.

Nigel Dharamlall, during a Press Statement posted to his Facebook Page on May 10th, 2024, denied the allegations, and said he has engaged his lawyers on the matter.

Statement by Nigel Dharamlall

I have taken note of an event styled ‘Press Conference’ held on the 10th May, 2024 by Sarah Hakh, in which certain very malicious allegations were leveled by her against me.

From the outset, I wish to categorically and most vehemently deny each and every one of the allegations made by the said Ms. Hakh therein.

For some while hitherto, I was privy to rumours that Ms. Hakh was making unsavory comments in relation to me, but I made a deliberate effort to ignore them.

I have known Ms. Hakh personally for several years and have always maintained a most civil and cordial relationship with her, including socializing on many occasions. Her demeanour towards me changed fundamentally after I rebuffed her advances and spurned her attempts to engage in an intimate relationship.

Thereafter, Ms. Hakh embarked on a campaign to malign and tarnish my reputation. This was manifested through several fake profiles on social media, surreptitious leaks of information to the traditional media and a whisper campaign to anyone wiling to listen.

It really begs the question as to what has reignited this quest by Ms. Hakh to sully my good name, particularly at this time. Her latest attempt bears testimony to this.

I have already engaged and instructed Attorneys-at-Law who are reviewing the statements made by Ms. Hakh, with a view of instituting legal proceedings against her and other persons associated with propogating these falsehoods, as may be necessary.

End Quote

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