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Esther Roth Creates Animal Paradise in Her Backyard

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First Published on 10th of June, 2021. by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: August 14, 2023 at 16:18 pm

Guyanese born Anna Maria Esther Roth (full name: Anna Maria Esther Roth Dias), presently residing in the border town of Bonfim, Brazil, next to Lethem, Region 9, Guyana, has a special passion – a love for animals that she describes as an energy that she was born with. Her love for animals transcends that of the average person, and her charitable works in caring for animals extend way beyond owning a few pets. In fact, Esther has created in her home an animal sanctuary which she refers to as “Animal Paradise.”

Esther poses with some of her “babies” at their home in Animal Paradise.

At Animal Paradise, located on Esther’s 20 acres of property on the banks of the Takutu River which separates Guyana from Brazil, the most battered animals she can find roaming the streets of both Guyana and neighboring Brazil – the castaways of society, are taken in and given refuge, are nurtured and brought back to life where they enjoy the best human care possible for the rest of their lives. And this is not the story of one or two animals – but of hundreds of animals that Esther (as she prefers to be called) has so energetically cared for in her lifetime.

In this photo posted by Esther in May, 2020, she is applying bug repellent to her pet donkey, Miguel, to ward off the bugs which come around during the rainy season. Miguel was rescued in Region 9 of Guyana, South America in a state of very poor health.

Esther was born in the South Rupununi Village of Sawariwau in Region 9 of Guyana. Her mother is of indigenous descent and her father of European descent from the Roth’s dynasty.

You won’t believe the condition in which Esther found this abandoned dog which she named “Rosie.”
After a few months of intensive care by Esther and her team, Rosie is now on the road to full recovery.
And yes! This is Rosie again after just a few months more of special treatment at Animal Paradise in Bonfim, Roraima.
One of Esther’s “babies,” Samantha, enjoys some quality time with Esther in her bed – after a good bath of course!

At the age of 18, the young Esther moved with her husband to Canada where she operated several successful businesses in a number of industries including travel and construction. She is now a happy wife and a proud mother of three wonderful children along with five grands, and four great grands – which makes her feel truly blessed.

Esther and some of her animals in Animal Paradise.

Her businesses facilitated her travels all around the world, but in 2010, Esther made a trip with her husband to Brazil – the birthland of her mother. Before arriving there, she had exciting plans about researching indigenous medicine and documenting them. However, one experience changed the course of her actions. While riding through the streets of Bonfim, the border city with Guyana, she was exposed to the suffering and neglect of animals by the roadsides. This rekindled the dormant passion within her to care for animals. From then to now, hundreds of animals have been rescued from the most dire circumstances and brought to a life of happiness through Esther’s animal sanctuary called Animal Paradise.

Another one of Esther’s amazing rescued animals. In her own words, “This is miss Joylyn, I found her sleeping under a parked mini bus in Lethem. She hardly had any hair and was skin and bones. Six months later . She now has the most beautiful shiny coat of hair and chooses to have her morning nap on my coffee table in my bedroom . Another of the joys of my life. I love her so much!!”
This is “Thunder” whom Esther rescued from eating out of a garbage bin in March, 2019. After six weeks of special treatment, Thunder now feels at home and is overjoyed to be part of Animal Paradise.
Some of Esther’s “babies” drinking their evening milk at their home in Animal Paradise.
These six puppies were rescued by Esther in early 2019. This April 2019 photo shows them doing well and growing fast at their new home in Animal Paradise.
Lucky and Thunder enjoying life at Animals Haven.
Adjoining Esther’s backyard is the Takutu River which separates Guyana from Brazil. Her animals sometimes choose to enjoy the refreshing waters of the Takutu River.

Esther is always interested in teaming up with people who share her passion for helping suffering animals. She would welcome government support and projects, and would be happy to share ideas. She can be contacted on WhatsApp (592) 602-3255, Email: or via her Facebook Page.

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