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The Silk Cotton Tree of Which Many Guyanese are Afraid

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Cover Photo: Neisha Ali

Published: 3rd of April, 2023 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: April 25, 2024 at 2:45 am

There is a silk cotton tree standing between two lanes of road at Perseverance Village, Mahaicony, Region 5, Guyana, South America which many people are reportedly afraid to cut down, touch, or even take a picture of. This publication understands that the tree which is presently existing grew from a seed dropped by the parent tree before it died, and carries the same legacy. However, some skeptics have remarked that someone planted the new cotton tree there after the death of the original parent tree.

The photo above was taken by a daring Guyanese citizen who resisted the advise that doing so might be dangerous.

According to legend, the original parent tree had existed for centuries since Dutch colonial rule of Guyana but died in the 1980s. As legend would have it, the original tree was possessed by Dutch spirits or haunted with bizarre, paranormal activities associated with it. People claimed they saw pigs crossing the road and heading towards the tree, strange lights in the tree, and even an old woman flying up to the sky from it. Further, it was reported that several attempts to cut the tree down resulted in the deaths of machine operators and inexplicable seizing up or breakage of machinery.

The parent tree died in the 1980s, but an offspring grew in its place and maintained the same reputation. For fear of cutting it down, authorities decided to split the road into two lanes passing at either sides, leaving the landmark tree in the middle.

This silk cotton tree is located about halfway between Rosignol, Berbice, and the capital city, Georgetown. As a result, many people refer to it as the “halfway tree.”

So, what do you know about the silk cotton tree at Perseverance Village, Mahaicony? Tell us in the comments.

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