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Price Reduced: Dragger Dredge for Gold and Diamonds Mining

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Here’s your chance to become the legal owner of your very own gold and diamond mining operation in Guyana, South America. Invest in this ready-made, business-in-a-box and start raking in the big bucks once you get the operation going! We’re here to provide you with marketing support!

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer today! The owner is selling out because of other commitments that demand his time and attention. Now, you can get this entire dredging operation with all assets for less than half of its actual value!

This amazing dragger dredge gold and mining operation is located on the Mazaruni River in Region 7. It is a complete, money making system ready to rake in profits for the lucky buyer.

Seller is willing to provide marketing support in the USA for gold and diamonds mined by new owner.

What’s Included

3 Diesel Engines

1 Fuel Barge


(1) 12 feet long Aluminum flat bottom with 18 horse power EverRun Tohatssu outboard Fuel Barge: 18 feet wide X 37 feet long, holds 120 bbl of diesel. 8 separate lockable hatches, 4 on each pontoon. Each pontoon is 5 feet wide X 37 feet long. Designed to accommodate the resting of the Dragger Lance while in transit. Opening between pontoons allow for the 20 feet Utility boat to tie up and push barge securely.

Two fuel tanks on board dragger. Each holds 10 barrels diesel. Both tanks linked to supply fuel to all 3 engines. (5 continuous days’ operations)


(1) Deutz 6 cylinders. Diesel (New) Less than 200 hours, air cooled, with a 6/4 water pump – supplies lavador systems.

(1) MWM 4 cylinder Diesel engine – the “main” generator, AC electrical supply. ALL WIRING NEW, 2/12 with grounding and multiple breaker boxes for power distribution and safety.

(1) Mercedes 6 cylinder Dragger’s Main Drive Train Power Supply. hydrolics and Electrical Generator AC supply.

(1) New Crank Shaft replacement for Mercedes motor.

Lavadors System

(4) 6 inch lavadors measuring 3.6 feet wide x 7 feet long and 5 feet deep. All new internal components : screens, wriffles, hole sizers. Each weights about 2000 pounds. All 4 lavadors are double tire, bottom pumpers.

Water is supplied via a 4 inch steel pipe header, where (4) 3 inch pumps are supplied forced water, turning a wheel and belt set up, linked to a custom designed linkage, powering the hydraulic pumping action of two Chambers on each Lavador.

Water discharged from each 3 inch pump is split into two – 2 inch hose that supply forced water into lavadors. Each Chamber of Lavadors have a bottom part by where sand and small particulates are ejected back into river.


(1) Welding Machine: GS 425 Itaipu Castollin Eutectic

Many small hand tools, grinders, drills, sockets, wrenches, spanners, submersible pumps, belts, filters, PVC pipe, 14 inch Steel pipe, 2 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch pipes. Lots of steel materials: pipe, bar, angle iron, H-Beam, etc…) and much more included.

1 Cutting torch: Oxygen/Propane

New torch head

4-6 propane tanks

2-3 Oxygen tanks

12 inch Abrasive Chop saw

1 Total 20 inch bar chainsaw

5 winches: 3 for anchors, newly spoiled with almost 2000′ of 1/2 inch wire rope cable. 2 winches with 1 inch wire rope for controlling the 27 meter long lance and “A” frame pole boom.

1 two-inch water pump. Gas powered.

1 5000 PSI, 5 gpm pressure washer, gas powered.


1 27-meters long, 14 inch diameter pipe supplying materials to 32 feet wide sluice box and 4 lavadors. Cutter head has newly welded-on cutting teeth, and a stack of new cutter teeth ready when needed.

1 14-inch pump with NEW impeller and Screw Hub and new seal plates. Drive Shaft has NEW seals and bearings. ALL (14) NEW BELTS on main drive line.

1 extra lance cutter/suction assembly on deck, weights over 2000 pounds, US$20,000 new.

Water Storage

1 500 Gallons Water Barrel – non potable water for bathing/shower, and lavatory and kitchen sinks. (River Water)

2 250-gallons water totes for fresh rainwater capture. (Drinking water)

1 Electric cold/hot water dispenser with 5 gal. bottles.


1 Refrigerator: Freezer top

1 Chest Box Freezer – 19 cubit feet

1 Clothes washing machine

2 Microwaves

1 Gas Stove with oven

Many small appliances: griddles, blinders, fully furnished kitchen with pots, pans, wares, etc.

Processing/Production Equipment

Diamond Jigging Box – 5 feet x 5 feet

Diamond Grease Table Trap

Sluice Box – 32 feet wide

  • New magic Mat: 6 feet x 32 feet
  • New carpet: 8 feet x 32 feet

Gold mixing pot 2 feet diameter with electric long shaft mixer

Mat thrashing table with collection mini sluice collection trough

Smelting furnace with exhaust stack


4 Bedrooms, sleeps 7 comfortable

New mattresses, sheets, CLEAN!

3 Rooms with AC supplied – two private rooms and a bunk room sleeps 4 persons.

1 cook/buyer room with wall mounted fan.

1 TV, wall mounted and over 800 DVDs

1 Table with two full length bench seats

2 (4 x 4) shower

Up top Quarters have steel door and securable for no access.

Solar lights front and rear of dragger

LED lights throughout living quarters


Custom welded Vault/ Safe, Key Locked

Business Plan

The seller will provide the buyer of this dragger dredge mining operation with a full, workable business plan that explains the ins and outs of the business, money making potential of the business, etc.

About this Dragger Dredge Mining Operation

5 OAKS MINING, Inc. has invested over GY$150,000,000 (one hundred and fifty million) in this mining dragger build-out and operations over past year.

River claims are available to mine from our current claims owners in Mazaruni River.

Other River Claims are available and negotiations with those claim owners are favorable to operate on the Kurupung River for 5 miles, for a diamond and gold production area. 5 Oaks will make the introductions linking to the Claims holder.

5 OAKS MINING, INC. is a licensed Trader in Guyana and as part of this transaction would be pleased to purchase/sale all diamonds produced to our private cutting lab in N.Y. USA. top dollar paid as a Shared Associate of 5 Oaks Mining. This process will pay N.Y. prices for the rough stones in the bush.


If interested, please fill up the following form and we’ll contact make contact with you within 24 hours!

Dragger Dredge Lead Capture

Serious Inquiries Only!

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