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Man Stabs Security, Fires at President Ali’s House

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Photo: The Online Scoop

A man reportedly made an attempt at President Ali’s life this morning, Thursday, 15th of December, 2022 at around 7:30 A.M. The police released the following statement shortly after:

There was an alleged shooting incident which occurred at the State House (southern guard hut) on Carmichael Street at about 07:30 hrs this morning (Thursday 15th December, 2022). Investigation revealed that on the date and time mentioned, a security detail was on duty at south eastern guard hut adjacent to Carmichael Street when a male of mixed race ethnicity confronted the security stating: “I want the President.”

The said male then drew a knife from his pants waist and stabbed one of the male Police rank that was on duty five times to his neck and about his body. A said rank who was part of the security detail was relieved of his firearm by the suspect.

The said male then drew the firearm, retreated to Carmichael Street and fired several rounds. The security detail returned fire, injuring the suspect.

A 9MM pistol and seven 9MM spent shells were retrieved. Both the suspect and the Police rank were rushed to the GPHC for medical attention. Their conditions are stated as serious. Investigations are on going.

End of Police Statement

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