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Guyanese Superstitions

This article was last updated on the 5th July, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

Superstitions are beliefs which have no scientific basis or sound reasoning, yet people believe in them. Some superstitions have a religious background, others are passed down with certain cultures. I’ll document here some of the superstitious beliefs I can remember hearing during my life in Guyana.

If someone sweeps your foot with a broom, you won’t get married. 

I’m yet to debunk the above superstition but I’m sure I will soon.

If someone jumps over the outstretched feet of a growing child, he or she will stop growing. 

-Debunked: People jumped over my feet many times while I was growing up and I still grew to above average height.

If you sweep your house after six pm, you’ll be sweeping out your riches.

Debunked: Many very rich people sweep their premises after six, and they only keep getting richer.

If you throw salt away anywhere except in water, you will pick it up with your eyes after you die.

The above in my opinion is absolute nonsense.

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