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Prime Road Front Land for Sale in Lethem’s Commercial Zone

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About the Land

Situated along the main commercial zone in the very center of the town of Lethem, this land is suitable for a WIDE VARIETY OF BUSINESSES including, but not limited to, electronics store, shopping mall, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, general store, etc. It is also suitable for residential purposes.

The land is well fenced with a concrete fence and has a beautiful flat concrete apartment towards the front as you can see in the photos below.

Land Size: 200 X 100 feet.

Document Type: Lease (renewable and transferable)

Why is Land in Lethem so Expensive and in Such High Demand?

Lethem is a major commercial artery with an increasingly explosive business potential because of the following factors:

  1. Brazilian customers. Thousands of Brazilians from all across Brazil flow over the Takutu River Bridge into Lethem on a daily basis to purchase goods at discounted price and also for tourism purposes.
  2. The Marudi Mountain Gold Mining Operations. Because of the thriving gold mining operations in Marudi – a village far south of Lethem, this border town buzzes with activity and serves as a transit point for thousands of people going in and out, often with big money to spend.
  3. Lethem is now officially a town.
  4. Tourism: Lethem is a major tourism hub for both locals and foreigners looking to explore the Rupununi Savannas of Guyana.
  5. Bordering with Bonfim, Brazil: Because Lethem borders with Brazil to the south, travel through Lethem is ever-increasing…making the town a valued commercial artery.
  6. The Lethem-Georgetown Road Connection. Because of the development of the Lethem-Georgetown road connection, which is now underway, more and more commerce will be exchanged between Georgetown and Brazil, and Region 9, making Lethem a major transit point for thousands of people and billions of dollars.

Now is your chance! Don’t miss this opportunity. Stake your claim in the explosive financial potential of the border town of Lethem. Invest in this fine piece of real estate, this beautiful piece of land, and watch your investment grow with each passing day!

Asking Price: 85,000,000 GYD Non-Negotiable

The owner of this property is accepting a one-time payment of $85,000,000 GYD or $425,000 US.

Get in Touch!

If you would like to purchase this land, please fill up the contact form below and we will contact you within 24 hours!

Lethem Commercial Zone Land for Sale

Alternatively, you can call or WhatsApp (592) 701 2540.


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