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Sold! Land for Sale in Lethem, Region 9

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Dear Reader,

Thanks for your interest but this property has been sold! Please click here to see properties currently for available for sale in Guyana.

Transported Land, Fenced, With Water Well, For Sale in Lethem

Located At: Tabatinga, Lethem, near to a junction.

Size: 75 X 150 Feet.

Price: 6 Million Non-negotiable.

A photograph of the land from the left hand side. See below for more pictures.


WhatsApp: +592 701 2540 (Simply click the button below to connect if you are on a mobile device)


Facebook:  (Click the Link)

A photograph of the land from the front.
A photograph of the land inside its boundaries.
The Water Well
The Water Well
The Water Well
The Land Itself
A photograph showing the land with the left hand fence and the house behind the land.
Photograph showing the left fence and houses across the road to the other side of the street.
Photograph showing houses across the street near to the junction.
Photograph showing the left hand fence and the house across the street to the left.
Photograph showing land and a partial structure over the right hand fence of the land.
Photograph of the land showing part of the back and right hand fence.

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