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House and Ten-Acre Land for Sale in Aranaputa Valley, North Rupununi

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Published: 11th of June, 2023

Last updated: June 12, 2023 at 2:27 am

Became the legal owner of this amazing plot of land, with a house on it, in Aranaputa Valley, North Rupununi, Guyana, South America and watch your wealth increase! Aranaputa Valley is located about two hours’ drive when heading to Georgetown from Lethem. Aranaputa Valley is the village right next to Annai Village when traveling towards Georgetown from Lethem, Region 9. Or, we can say that Aranaputa Valley is the village right after Annai Village when coming to Lethem from Georgetown.

This beautiful piece of land is located close to the Pakaraima Mountain Range in Aranaputa Valley, North Rupununi. It is perfect for setting up a ranch, for agricultural purposes, for eco lodge, and so many other things.

The owner has decided to sell this property because she is migrating.

Document Type: Lease

Asking Price: 10 million Guyana Dollars of 50,000 USD

If you are interested in purchasing this property, please contact Ms. Desiree on (592) 610-3504 (WhatsApp Availabe)

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