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Man Suspected to Have Burnt Daughter to Death in Neighboring Suriname

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Published: 7th of May, 2023. Regional News. Suriname

Last updated: May 7, 2023 at 22:19 pm

In neighboring Suriname…a man is suspected of burning his daughter to death after he learned that she had sent sexually suggestive photos to her boyfriend. The man has been arrested and is assisting with investigations. The victim, Nandita Gajadhar, was just 17 years old at the time of her death. The incident took place on Wednesday, 3rd of May, 2023.

Adjaikoemar Gajadhar with daughter in inset

According to information received, the suspect, Adjaikoemar Gajadhar, now 44 years, had confronted his daughter after he received information that she had sent sexually provocative photos to her boyfriend. At first, the girl denied, but later confessed while they were heading to the Youth Police in Suriname. At that point, the trip was cancelled and they returned home. Shortly after, the suspect was seen leaving the house after which the house was consumed by fire. During extinguishing work, the fire brigade came across the charred body of the girl. The body has been seized for autopsy.

After the house fire, the father was transferred to the police station for questioning in the interest of the investigation. However, he was released after questioning. The editors of Waterkant.Net learned that new facts have emerged, after which he was arrested. The arrest took place after new facts came to light which confirmed the suspicions of relatives and local residents that the father may have been involved in the fire.

Team Guyana South America joins the world in strongly condemning this horrific act as we pray for swift justice. At the same time, we extend heartfelt condolences to all those who once loved and now mourn for Nandita Gajadhar.

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