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“I didn’t Hit My Daughter” – Guyanese Comedian, Chow Pow

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4th of November, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: November 4, 2023 at 15:51 pm

Guyanese comedian, Chow Pow, who was recently arrested, charged with assaulting his daughter, and released on $50,000 bail, has said on a Live Facebook Video today, 4th of November, 2023, that, contrary to what he deems a misleading report by Big Smith News, he never assaulted his daughter.

Mr. Chow Pow’s popularity fell sharply as he came under harsh criticism after a news outlet published a story that he assaulted his daughter on the road. According to the report, Chow Pow went to meet his daughter at the police station where she had gone to make a report against her former boyfriend. At the station, his daughter refused to respond to him and left without him. He intercepted her on the road, pulling up near to her and inviting her to get into his vehicle. However, the girl refused. The Big Smith News report stated that at that point, Chow Pow got enraged, exited the vehicle, and started dealing blows to his daughter.

However, in the Facebook Live today, 4th of November, 2023, Chow Pow told a different version of the story. He said that he never hit his daughter, but that she had hit him on several occasions. He explained that he was worried about the things his young daughter, whom he loves so much, was going through, and so went to the station to meet her. After asking her to get into the vehicle, and she refused, he came out of the vehicle to insist that she enter. He was about to pull the door open and force her in when the girl dealt him a slap. He said he then restrained her by pulling her hands together in front of her chest and told her firmly never to hit him again. The police arrived at that point, Chow Pow said, and he admitted that he was rude to the police.

Chow Pow, a staunch believer of the Islamic Faith, said in his Facebook Live that societal values are on the decline, and that the family structure is under constant attack by western liberalism. He said that his faith in Islam helps him to maintain his grounds and play his God-given role as a father and husband. To this end, he said he holds his head up high, knowing that he is on the right side of the laws, both in heaven and on earth, and has nothing to be ashamed of.

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