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Horse Teaches Guyanese How to Use Pedestrian Crossing

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Published: 25th of April, 2024 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: April 26, 2024 at 1:40 am

Learning can be fun! And here’s a little educational humor. Horse teaches humans how to use pedestrian crossing! Who has heard of such a thing?

In cases where there are no traffic lights dictating traffic, the pedestrian may step slightly onto the road, but within the safe zone, indicating desire to cross. Oncoming vehicles are instructed to observe these pedestrians and stop for them to pass. In cases where there are traffic lights dictating traffic, the pedestrian must wait for the traffic lights to indicate when it’s safe to cross. Motorists are instructed to reduce speed and look out for pedestrians near to pedestrian crossings.

You got today’s traffic tip straight from the horse’s mouth!🤣🤣

P.S.: I was meaning this as a joke, but it got educational real fast!

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