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Corentyne Teacher Allegedly Assaulted by Bully

A teacher attached to the Skeldon High School in Region 6 alleges that he was assaulted by one Mr. Linden Murray after he disputed scores during the sporting event. The teacher further alleges that police officers were grossly inefficient in deterring the physical attack. If this is true, we must ask: what are police officers being paid for. Can we allow our country to spiral down such a troubling path?

Businessman Said He Kicked Daughter After She Asked Him for Money and Wished Death Upon Him

A Georgetown businessman who is embroiled in a controversy involving domestic abuse and violence against women has told his side of the story. The businessman, whose name is Devanand Singh, has been charged on April, 1st, 2022 for inflicting grievous bodily harm and threatening language. He appeared on a Guyanese Critic Live Show to explain his side of the story. He showed up with his wife, son, other daughter, and two other close relatives to conduct an hour-long interview aimed at clearing his name.