May 2022

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Texas Shooting: Police Response Was Painfully Slow

On Tuesday, 24th of May, 2022, at around 11:30 Texas time, a deranged youth, perhaps possessed by the devil or having psychological problems, went on a killing rampage. His target: an elementary school of 7 to 10 years old. Reports are that he had shot his grandmother at home before leaving in a car. Clad in body armor, 18-year old Salvador Ramos was armed with a handgun, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, and high-capacity magazines.

The Death of My Son is a Life Sentence of Grief – Fadia Reynolds Tells Her Story (Redirected)

Fadia Reyolds lost her son in a tragic accident along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway on the fateful evening of Tuesday, Jan 14, 2022. It was a tragedy that would change her life in ways she didn’t imagine possible. Fadia’s relationship with her beloved son was an exemplary one – a reality which made losing him almost unbearable. This is her story….

Decomposing Body of Teacher Found, Husband Wanted

41-year-old Omega Ault, a teacher of Crane Public Road, West Coast Demerara, was this afternoon, Friday, 27th of May, 2022, discovered dead and in a state of decomposition at her home. Her brother, who had been calling her for about two weeks with no response, decided to visit her home. Upon knocking and receiving no response, he decided to break into the house and came face to face with the gruesome discovery.

Letter: Regardless of Whom We Fancy Burnham to be, He deserves to be Celebrated (Redirected)

So my people, it is with a heavy heart that I learnt that the National Library on Monday canceled its permission to the Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham Foundation to host the Foundation’s Commemorative Exhibition celebrating the life of Forbes Burnham and in particular his contributions to our independence struggle and securing our independence.

President Ali and Ministers Pray for Woman Whose Children Were Killed in Fire

President Ali and his Ministerial Team were in Essequibo for Independence Day Celebrations when the tragic news of the three children who perished in an early morning fire reached them. According to a Live Report by the Guyanese Critic, the President and his team flew straight to the Police Club Sports Ground in Eve Leary, Georgetown and met with the mother of deceased children. Tracy Flur, 23, was apparently taken there by the police as investigations into the incident continue.

Opinion: Striking a Delicate Balance (Redirected)

Police have a difficult task: contending with bandits, murderers, thieves, and lawbreakers and troublemakers in general. Consequently, they are trained to be tough, to handle offensive weapons, and to survive under dangerous circumstances. In light of this, the general civilian population whom the police are paid to protect and serve must offer a high level of cooperation. If the police are completely stripped of the respect which the uniform should naturally carry, then there will be an inevitable breakdown of law and order in the country.

18 Young Professionals of Linden Acquire Brand New Houses

President Ali is on a mission to transform the lives of Guyanese. Better and more affordable housing for all Guyanese is part of the agenda. The president had announced in January, 2021 that his government would build 1000 new homes in Linden. This promise has already seen the light of day. Yesterday, 13th of May, 2022, the process was finalized for the first 18 new homeowners who fall under the category of young professionals in Linden to be handed keys to their spanking new concrete structures.