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Go Fund Set up for Guyanese Woman Diagnosed with Cancer

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5th of October, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: October 5, 2022 at 10:30 am

Thirty four (34) year old Narifa Singh of Danielstown, Essequibo Coast is a vibrant young woman who was living a healthy life until the 12th August, 2022. On the said date, she started to experience headache and numbness to the right side of her body.

On the 17th August, 2022, her symptoms became worse when she had limited movements of the extremities. She visited the doctor and a CT scan with contrast was done and she started treatment.
On the 19th August, 2022 Narifa’s life took a drastic turn when the CT scan revealed a brain tumor. By the said date her symptoms included:

  • -complete loss of function to the right side of the body
  • -urinary incontinence
  • -slurred speech

She was referred for further management and evaluation by a neurosurgeon in Georgetown and was admitted to the Sheriff Medical Center for six (6) days where she had a series of treatment, laboratory studies, and imaging done.

Further studies revealed cancer to the pelvic which caused the brain tumor. Narifa showed courage and hope throughout the entire process and was determined to fight the cancer. She decided to travel to the United States of America for a different opinion in hope of a miracle. However, since her arrival to the US, her condition has taken a turn for the worse. Her illness requires chemotherapy and brain surgery to remove the tumor.

Narifa’s family has accepted her condition and is trying there utmost best to bring her home. However, they are facing difficulties financially with her medical expenses to bring her home.

Her condition is critical presently and every minute she is deteriorating. We are kindly asking for your support to help bring our sister home to spend the remaining time with her. We truly appreciate your donations and thank you for your support ?❤️. An account is available at Republic Bank # 300000251027

Source: Narifa Singh on Facebook

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