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Lethem Cricket Ground Outfitted with Pavilion and Sanitary Block

In March this year, we wrote about the historic launching of the Lethem Cricket Club which was spearheaded by Mr. Kenrick McDonald. Since then, top ranking officials, public figures, and authorities in the Region have given the project their full support. The Lethem Cricket Club is now in full swing, and very soon, football will no longer be the only sport practiced in the Rupununi Savannahs.

GDF’s Captain Kaya Dover Makes History by Swimming Across the Essequibo River in Full Uniform (Redirected)

Guyana Defense Force’s Captain Kaya Dover today, 26th of June, 2022, made history by being the first man to swim across the Essequibo River, a distance of about 3 miles, in complete military uniform. Dover pulled off the daring stunt with his military uniform, including boots, which put an extra pounds on his body, not counting the drag created by the water caught inside the uniform.