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Gas-to-Energy Project Underway, Evaluation Completed by Two Companies – Jagdeo

More benefits will be reaped from the booming oil and gas sector as the Gas-to-Energy Project is well underway at Wales, West Bank Demerara. This project is in keeping with the government’s commitment of ensuring that electricity costs are cut by 50 per cent in the near future. The administration’s manifesto promise featured a dedication to embracing innovative renewable energy technologies and providing incentives to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Larger Profit Share for Guyana, More Competitiveness with New Profit Sharing Agreement – Jagdeo

Cabinet has granted its approval for the auctioning of 14 oil blocks offshore Guyana, Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo announced on Thursday during a press conference at Office of the President. The auction was initially slated for the end of September, however, the vice president noted that extensive preparatory work had to be completed. Government hired IHS Market as the lead consultant for this process.

PSC Responds to Chairman of Ramps Logistics

We have noted with considerable concern, a statement made by the Chairman of Ramps Logistics Guyana, Mr. Shaun Rampersaud, published in the Stabroek News on 23rd October, 2022, with regard to the Guyanese Private Sector on the subject of our country’s Local Content Policy which has no basis in fact nor reality, which, to say the least, is totally misguided and completely out of place.

Schools Run out of Money As Financial Crisis Looms over England

Trouble in the motherland? Guyana’s former colonizer seems to be wrestling with economic turmoil, and a recent report from a popular UK newspaper suggests that the economic nosedive is affecting education in England. According to a report by the Guardian, nine out of ten schools in England will have run of money by the next school year as they struggle with rising energy costs and salaries.

Letter: High Level of Incompetence at DHL Guyana

DHL is a worldwide shipping and logistics company which delivers packages with speed and efficiency. However, when it comes to Guyana, the general incompetence and airheadedness existing across the country takes over – making it difficult for people to do business with Guyana in general, and serving as a strong deterrent to progress in the country. This incompetence is replicated in various sectors across the country keeping Guyana in the stone ages while other countries keep advancing at the speed of light.

Residents Line Up to Purchase Sugar in World’s Fastest Growing Oil Economy

Reminiscent of the dark days of the Burnham dictatorship era, the streets of Guyana are once again seeing Guyanese lining up for foodstuff – this time, only sugar – but it’s still defined as “food shortage.” It is not clear what exactly is causing the shortage of sugar as the CEO of GUYSUCO boasts that GUYSUCO is exceeding its sugar production projects, but sugar shortage has become an all too real thing in Guyana.

Gas to Energy Project to Save Guyanese 27 Billion Dollars Annually – Ali (Redirected)

During a recent State House event, President Ali boasted about the immense benefits that the Government’s Gas to Energy Project will bring to the citizens of Guyana, South America. The President explained how the Gas to Energy Project will reduce cost of living for citizens of Guyana, saving them collectively an estimated GY$27 billion which can be used for other commodities or savings.

Suriname Estimated to Have Over 30 Billion Barrels of Unexplored Oil Reserves (Redirected)

Not too long ago, Guyana, with its miniscule population, was cheering its massive oil discoveries which to date have amounted to more than 11 billion oil equivalent barrels. Guyana, right after the Middle Eastern Oil Giant Kuwait, now boasts the second highest proven oil reserves per capita. But recent discoveries in the tiny Dutch speaking country of Suriname may see it leaving Guyana trailing behind in its dust.

Exploitation of the Working Class is Unfortunately Rampant in Guyana

Underpayment, exploitation, and mistreatment of working class citizens serve as a deterrent for Guyanese citizens needing to enter the workforce. It may discourage young people from seeking employment and push them into a life of crime. It may also push talented persons to seek employment abroad – further contributing to the ongoing brain drain from which Guyana has suffered for decades.

Guyana Boasts World’s Second Highest Oil Reserves Per Capita (Redirected)

The proven oil reserve “per capita” is calculated as the number of barrels of proven oil reserves divided by the population of the country. The proven oil reserves per capita is a theoretical indicator of how many barrels of oil we can allocate to each citizen. In other, words, if we share out all the oil in reserve to the citizens equally, how many barrels will each get?