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Editorial: Guyanese Need to Stop Glorifying Criminal Acts

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10th of November, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: November 10, 2022 at 15:45 pm

By now, almost everyone might have heard the story that allegedly played out last evening (9th of November, 2022) at Marriot Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. For those of you who haven’t, let me recap.

A young man took a young lady out to dinner. He ordered, and they both consumed, food and wine totaling a cost of about $56,000 GYD. At some point, the young man called a taxi and ditched the young woman. However, he sent the taxi driver back to uplift a second round of take-away order. The taxi driver was asked about the bill. When he said he didn’t know about it, he was held responsible and obligated to pay. By that time, the young man had probably fled the scene with another taxi or on foot. The young lady explained that she doesn’t know much about the man, as they had only recently met, and calls to his phone have gone unanswered.

A popular Guyanese Media, “Guyana Daily News,” carried the story under the heading of “Young woman left heartbroken.” But it is much more than that. It is a criminal act and may even be a sign of mental health issues. Several persons have come forward to share stories that this young man has done this type of thing on several occasions to different persons.

On the other hand, someone came forward on social media to say that the young man contacted him and explained his side of the story. According to one “Kev Ross” on Facebook, the young man related that after ordering $56,000 GYD in food on the date, the young lady rejected his sexual advance, and for this reason he ditched her, leaving her with the bill. To be clear, that is not a justification for his actions. Giving someone food is by no means a ticket for sex with the person. He should have clarified that before going on the date.

This type of behavior is truly distasteful, and reflects poorly on Guyanese society. But what’s worse is the way that popular Guyanese personalities, and their followers, are glorifying these types of unbecoming acts which are criminal in nature and may very well be reflective of mental health problems.

Here is what one popular lawyer posted:

Come on Facebook, identify the Marriot due. We need to meet our hero. The full name I want to see if it is my family.

Here’s what another person posted:

This guy is a legend! Man turn up in a tight shirt, clearly not his size, ordered food. Plus made her take a photo of him drinking wine he knew very well he ain’t paying for. Ordered takeaway, then send the taxi driver for the food…and beat out….Cheers!

And here are some comments.

While some of these statements and comments might be meant as a joke, and may be sarcastic, they still send the wrong message to youths of Guyana. We shouldn’t glorify this type of behavior, not even as a joke. We should teach our youths to act more responsibility and respectfully to others.

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