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OAS Urges David Granger to Respect the Results of Recount – June 23, 2020

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Photo by OAS/DHDE

23rd June, 2020 @ 9 PM. Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

The Organization of American States has today, 23rd of June, 2020, issued a strong statement calling on all involved in the electoral process in Guyana to declare a winner based on the RECOUNT RESULTS. Since the only entity in Guyana challenging the recount results at this time is the APNU/AFC political party and its supporters, we interpret this as a message directed towards the David Granger Administration which has held the country at ransom since March 4, 2020.

This statement comes on the heels of a Court of Appeals Ruling which sought to redefine the meaning of “valid votes” and thrash the recount results. In this regard, after the ruling, the Chief Elections Officer prepared a report using fictitious figures–the basis of which no one understands.

Point to Ponder: Keith Lowenfield is apparently not only a Chief Elections Officer, he is also a master investigator and a brilliant mathematician who can come up with figures from out of the blue without an inkling of an explanation. He was able to determine that over 100,000 votes were fraudulent in less than 24 hours using only his sixth sense??

Meanwhile, the main opposition PPP/C has moved to the Caribbean Court of Justice to file an injunction to block the declaration of a winner based on Lowenfield’s fictitious numbers. The Caribbean Court of Justice responded promptly today, 23rd of June, 2020 – a matter of hours, granting an injunction to block a possible fraudulent declaration which was scheduled to be attempted tomorrow, 24th of June, 2020.

Nevertheless, these fictitious figures would have likely met opposition from the GECOM Chair, Claudette Singh, who has already taken a stand for democracy in asserting that the Recount Results must be used to declare a winner. In fact, Ms. Singh had requested the Court of Appeal to throw out the case of the private citizen which sought to block the Chief Elections Officer from preparing a report based on the recount results.

The 35-members military alliance and peacekeeping force in a press release on the evening of June 23rd advised that:

The process in Guyana must be brought to an end, based on the results of the national recount, and with respect for the will of the majority of the electorate. The OAS remains committed to the strengthening of democracy in Guyana, hoping for a just and fair conclusion of the current process.

Read full statement from the OAS.

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Mohamed Alli
Mohamed Alli
1 year ago

The interim president and Government should vacate their offices and allow the recount process stands an have the legitimate Government elected sworn into office.