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“We’re Ready to Refund Clients” – Accelerated Capital Firm

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26th of August, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Last updated: August 26, 2020 at 11:33 am

Accelerated Capital Firm Inc, the organization embroiled in a controversy following accusations of a Ponzi scheme and fraud, has yesterday, 25th of August, 2020, released a statement that the Company is ready refund all clients.

The statement came after two officials of the Company in Guyana were arrested subsequent to accusations that monies were being lost or stolen after being invested into the company. A number of persons have posted on Social Media that the company is legitimate and not a Ponzi Scheme while others claim to have lost money.

Those in favor of the organization, including its directors, are contending that the super profits promised by the company are not unrealistic, but are a result of the use of advanced software that allows them to trade currencies for high profits. On the other hand, many others are claiming that they have invested a lot of money and received little to no return and that they did not get back their capital.

Accelerated Capital Firm Inc. in Guyana is represented by a Cuban national who was recently naturalized in Guyana and his wife.

Around the 21st of August, 2020, the Attorney General of Guyana, Mr. Anil Nandlall, stated that he has received complaints from a number of Guyanese of a fraudulent business being operated in Guyana and that he intends to pursue the matter. Subsequently, the directors of the company in Guyana have been arrested and interrogated.

Statement from Accelerated Capital Firm Inc – 25th of August, 2020

Accelerated Capital Firm Inc. would like to inform its clients that the funds necessary to refund our clients are ready to be disbursed. We are kindly asking the authorities to allow the clients to receive their funds at a corporate level as indicated by the company policies, taking into consideration the confidentiality agreement as indicated in every client’s contract. Protecting our clients is the company’s main priority.

As a result of the current situation with our Director (Ms. Ateeka Ishmael) and our Financial Advisor and Trading Operation (Mr. Yuri Garcia Dominguez), the company has ceased operations and no clients have been paid in the last 5 days. Fortunately, the funds for the clients and pending profits were successfully secured in 3 (three) physical Bitcoin Wallets, inaccessible to outside interference and protected. The exchange took place in our two main brokers (IQ Options and FXCHOICE Foreign Exchange Broker).

In this regard, the company is kindly asking the Authorities to release our Directors so that payments to our clients can be resumed. The company is also asking the following:

  1. To the entities responsible for the investigations: Allow our financial advisors to explain how the company is structured.
  2. Drop all allegations and accusations of operating a “Ponzi Scheme” and allow the company to be restructured as required by the Guyana Securities Council.
  3. Facilitate the opening of a bank account on behalf of Accelerated Capital Firm Inc. in order to be able to transfer the funds from our Bitcoin Wallets into the bank which will be used to repay ALL investors in Guyana.

In order to facilitate these requests, we are asking that our Real Clients come forward to assist the Company and explain to the Authorities that:

  1. We want to be regulated.
  2. We want to be accepted.
  3. We are not a Ponzi Scheme.
  4. We are Accelerated Capital Firm Inc.

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Purshutam Bramnarain
Purshutam Bramnarain
7 months ago

When r these refund be available? I want my money..