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Letter: Ministry of Education Should Reconsider Reopening of Schools

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Dear Editor,

Some concerns….

During the COVID-19 pandemic, safety measures and guidelines were implemented, some outstanding ones included washing of hands for 20 seconds, wearing mask in public and social distancing.

School children of coastal and some hinterland regions where internet signals are strong will be better prepared for NGSA and CSEC whilst the majority of hinterland children are at a greater disadvantage when it comes to online learning.

Returning to school will most likely put our children’s lives at risk as the basic guidelines on COVID-19 will be tested. Will the Ministry of Education provideS the recommended mask to children for daily use?

Today Matarkai Headteachers have their meeting and it’s more likely that they had to buy their own mask…one cost approximately $300 to $400. Will the Ministry of Education provide masks for teachers? And I’m talking about the recommended mask by WHO.

Many teachers often go into their own pockets to buy stationary for use at schools, now they will have the “extra expense” of procuring masks for daily use!

Can you see the expenses parents, children and teachers will all incur?

My children lives matter!

Ministry of Education, please reconsider the reopening of schools.


Sherlon Rodriges

Region 1

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