Tue. May 17th, 2022
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    1st of August, 2020. Region 6, Guyana, South America.

    A Commentary by Mr. Hilbert Foster

    Last updated: August 1, 2020 at 11:59 am

    As we prepare to celebrate Emancipation Day in Guyana, my heart bleeds for my country as the evil problem of racism seems to be getting worse. Our country is being divided into two camps and those who have racist thoughts in their heads are taking advantage of the moment.

    Let me make it quite clear that I have no interest in politics as my mission is to serve humanity despite race, creed or status. I voted for the party of my choice but my interest in politics ended there. I am very, very worried that unless we stop this nonsense of calling others name like Coolie, Blackman, stink people, hungry belly and monkey face, we would forever remain a backward and shithole country that some wants us to remain.

    Racism is not something that we are born with and it destroys the human body worse that any disease. Please, for heaven’s sake, let us learn to live as one and respect each other’s decisions. You do not have to agree with my decisions but we can still be friends. God created each one of us in His image and as such if you curse a man’s appearance, you are cursing Him as well.

    I want my only daughter and my future grandchildren to grow up in a world where people are judged on their character and not on the colour of the skin, texture of their hair or which political party they support, and I am sure that you want the same. Please let us use our limited time on earth to make a positive difference in the lives of others by feeding the hungry, giving love to the lonely, spreading the word of God to every soul and assisting every youth to fulfill their potential.

    Please let us emancipate our soul and body from hatred, jealousy, pettiness and racism. Let us from today, teach our children that racism is evil and that it is not okay to view others as the enemy because their skin and hair is different that ours. Teach them that all our blood is one colour, that we are all God’s children and that there is only one race in the world: the human race.

    Indian people, the next time you see me, don’t see me as a black man but see me a a friend and brother. African people, the next time you see an Indian person, do not look at their hair but look into their heart and see their character. Our world would be a better place if only we do.

    Guyana is a blessed country and needs all of us. In the words of President Barack Obama, Yes we can. On behalf of my family ,The RHTYSC and BCB, I would like to wish our Muslim brothers and sisters a Happy Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) and to all Guyanese a peaceful Emancipation Day.

    Hilbert Foster MS

    President – Berbice Cricket Board

    Secretary/CEO RHTYSC,MS

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