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What Color is Marcus Bisram?

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Everyone who has been following the news on Guyanese media knows who Marcus Bisram is: the once famous, now notorious Guyanese-born philanthropist who was recently extradited from the United States to face a murder charge in Guyana.

But many Guyanese were baffled when they saw photos today (21st of November, 2019) of a “Marcus Bisram” who looked remarkably different from what they were used to seeing. The previous news articles which covered the stories related to Mr. Bisram showed a very light-skinned person in the picture. Something like the ones below.

Now, this is what we’re seeing in the media. The photo below is a screenshot of a news article covering Mr. Bisrams’ ongoing court trial in Guyana, South America.

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Needless to say, many people were shocked at the stark contrast in skin color between the present and previous photos. Here are just some of the comments posted on Facebook.

This person does not look like Marcus Bisram not even close from the picture I saw of him him.

That man is Bisram something look wrong not to you?

But look how he get black is wah happen to he bleach?

That doesnt even look like him.

Probably he pay a lookalike.

On the other hand, some people suggested that his “bleaching cream finish,” his “makeup wear off” or that he had used filters to edit his photos in the past.

So what really is the truth? Is Mr. Bisram fair or dark? Did he pay an impersonator to take his place in Guyana?

We did some digging and turned up some very old photos of Mr. Bisram that dates back to as far as 2013. And guess what? It turns out that Mr. Bisram could really be the same dark-skinned man you saw in the news story. Here are some of the photos from 2013 – the time perhaps – when there weren’t so many advanced photo-editing apps and software!

The conclusion? Filters nowadays can really do wonders!

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