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June 16, 2020 – A Defining Moment in Guyana’s History

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Now that the CARICOM scrutineer team has made it absolutely clear that the recount must be used to declare a winner of Guyana’s March, 2, 2020 elections, it is all over to the GECOM chair to make the declaration official that the PPP/C is the winner.

Meanwhile, the leader of the APNU/AFC, David Granger, and his team, is pressuring the chairperson, Claudette Singh, to declare the elections null and void. This would inevitably frustrate the Guyanese people and put Guyana in another 8 billion dollars + expense that it simply cannot afford. Will Ms. Singh bend to the pressure of corruption or will she hold her head up high and do the right thing?

The world is watching. In fact, the eyes of the whole world are on Retired Justice Claudette Singh to make the right pronouncement today, June 16th 2020, and put Guyana down the path to democracy, freedom and prosperity.

But what’s more important is that today’s declaration by GECOM will save Guyana from the claws of dictatorship which has unfortunately taken hold of it since December 2018. The Guyanese people have stood resolutely and worked hard to wring Guyana out of the claws of dictatorship. Let’s pray that their hard work prevail. More importantly, let’s hope that democracy, freedom and justice prevail.

South America simply cannot afford another dictatorship. We already have a nation ruined by dictatorship to the west of Guyana. Let’s pray that Guyana doesn’t go down that path.

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